Alison Jansen

I want to inspire people. I wantsomeone to think of me and say

I am an accomplished training and education leader with significant experience and success over an eight year period. I have a portfolio of achievements including building relationships in government, business and the community, and maintaining them through ongoing tailored consultation and training.

With an expansive knowledge of mental illness, mental health and well being, I am able to use first hand experience of the concerns impacting one in two of the Australian population to provide tailored training, consulting and mentoring.

As your consultant I am able to utilise a wide range of techniques and different ways of working with the unique concerns impacting your workplace, business or organisation. I have an empathetic and positive approach to all environments and support organisations to make the most out of their employees, by providing an environment that promotes productivity through positive well being initiatives.

I am genuinely passionate about mental health and well being and understand the vital importance of supporting the individuals that you employ in your workplace. I look forward to meeting you and working with you to provide a mentally healthy workplace.

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